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Maharani Tea: The Taste of Trust Wins India’s Most Trusted Brand Award 2023

New Delhi, India, June 19, 2024—Maharani Tea, synonymous with premium quality tea in India since 1959, has recently received multiple accolades, reflecting its enduring legacy of excellence in the tea industry. 

The prestigious Top 10 CEO of 2023 award from CEOInsights magazine was conferred upon Mr Shyam Bansal, under the FnB industry, for his effective leadership in steering the brand to new heights—Son of one of the Pioneers in the Tea Industry, Mr Ramesh Bansal. Mr Shyam is taking Maharani Tea’s family-oriented ethics and focus on traditional values to modern heights.

Further reinforcing its esteemed reputation, Maharani Tea received the titles of India’s Most Trusted Tea Brand 2023 and India’s Best Brand of the Year 2023, as per the Brands Research Report by Berkshire Media USA.

With its roots tracing back to a modest beginning in Allahabad (modern-day Prayagraj), Maharani Tea, trademark under the firm Ramesh Tea Traders, has become a leader in the tea industry, known for its distinctive quality and excellent packaging. 

Known for its exceptional quality and innovative packaging, Maharani Tea’s ethical belief business of high volumes and low profits distinguishes itself in a competitive market by focusing on superior product quality over extensive marketing. 

In a 2012 survey conducted through the Indian Tea Association’s roadshow, Maharani Premium Tea and Maharani Royal Tea were rated the best in the country, securing the first and second positions, respectively. 

Therefore, these products undisputedly compete with renowned tea packets like Tata Tea Premium Gold Agni and HUL Red Label Taj Mahal Taaza, demonstrating their versatility and wide appeal.

The company is ISO certified and certified as OEM by the Quality Council of India. It remains committed to delivering the finest tea experience to its customers without a premium price tag. 

“We only serve the freshest tea in our packets and take care of every single kg of tea in our warehouse with utmost care and precision.” stated their Sales Head, Mr Mayank Bansal. 

He further adds, “Maharani Tea’s online presence has made availability easier for their followers and tea lovers around the nation.”

Today, Maharani Chai is celebrated not just for its robust taste and strength but also for its affordability, making quality tea accessible to a broad audience, expanding from present states of UP, MP, UK, Haryana, Rajasthan, North Karnataka to targeting new states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, NCR and Punjab. 

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