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In this romantic comedy, Ashok Selvan portrays an assistant director

<p>Emakku Thozhil Romance, a romantic comedy directed by rookie Balaji Kesavan, stars Ashok Selvan and Avantika Mishra. Urvashi plays Ashok’s character’s mother in the movie as well.<br />
Director Balaji Kesavan said of the movie and its title, “It’s a story that has been written to entertain the audience.” A sentence that says Emakku Thozhil Kavithai is credited to Bharathiyar.</p>
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<p>We’ve taken a playful approach to this sentence in our film’s title by substituting the word “romance” for “kavithai.”<br />
“Ashok plays Uma Shankar, aka Uma, who is an assistant director, and Avantika plays Leona Joseph, aka Leo, who is a nurse,” the director continues. The central themes of the movie will be their romantic journey and the challenges they encounter along the way.”We wanted to cast a known face as the lead, someone who seems loveable and pleasant,” the director comments about Ashok Selvan’s casting.<br />
The film’s soundtrack was created by Nivas K. Prasanna. The film’s editing was done by Jerome Allen, while the cinematography was done by Ganesh Chandra.</p>

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