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Indeep Bakshi’s latest launch, “Patlo,” – the perfect gedi song with Lucifer Music crosses 1M views!

Singer-songwriter Indeep Bakshi once again collaborates with Lucifer Music for the ideal song for gedi with the boys! “Patlo” has a tune that makes your head bop, with lyrics that hit on a different level.

For the uninitiated, Indeep Bakshi is known for his infectious beats and catchy lyrics, carving a niche for himself in the industry with “Saturday Saturday,” “Kala Chashma,” and “Main Zinda Hoon,” among others. “Patlo” solidifies his position as one of the leading voices in Punjabi pop music.

Released amidst much anticipation from fans and music enthusiasts alike at his fan base in Aligarh, “Patlo” delivers everything one expects from an Indeep Bakshi track — energy, rhythm, and irresistible charm. The song is a fusion of Punjabi folk elements and contemporary urban sounds, creating a unique sonic experience that is both familiar and refreshing.

Indeep Bakshi’s signature style shines through in “Patlo,” with its infectious hook and vibrant melodies. The song’s lyrics celebrate love and attraction, delivered with his trademark wit and humor. His smooth vocals effortlessly glide over the pulsating beats, inviting listeners to dance along from the very first note.

The eye-catching “Patlo” music video, directed by Archit for Lucifer Music, perfectly complements the song’s energetic vibe. Shot with dynamic choreography and stylish visuals, the music video adds an extra layer of excitement to the overall experience. Indeep Bakshi’s charismatic presence on screen further enhances the song’s appeal, making it impossible to resist moving to the rhythm.

Gaurav Chanana, the driving force behind Lucifer Music, says, “With ‘Patlo,’ Indeep Bakshi once again proves his prowess as a versatile artist capable of delivering hit after hit. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional Punjabi sounds with contemporary music trends has earned him a dedicated fanbase across the globe. ‘Patlo’ is yet another testament to Indeep Bakshi’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of Punjabi pop music and bringing joy to audiences everywhere.”

As fans eagerly experience Bakshi’s next musical endeavor, “Patlo”, with over 1M views, serves as the perfect soundtrack for those looking to add some excitement and energy to their playlists.

Indeep Bakshi is naturally excited about the response yo his latest offering with his fans. “Whether you’re dancing at a party or simply vibing to the beat, ‘Patlo’ will get you moving and grooving. Join me in this celebration,” he enthuses.

With its infectious melody, catchy hook line, and vibrant energy, “Patlo” is fast becoming a favorite among fans old and new. Turn up the volume, hit play, and let “Patlo” take you on a musical journey that will be etched in your hearts forever.

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