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Pedro Pascal admits, “I’m a little drunk,” during his acceptance speech for the SAG Awards

<p>At the recently concluded 30th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Hollywood actor Pedro Pascal was presented with the prize for male actor in a drama series.</p>
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<p>His performance in the post-apocalyptic zombie series “The Last of Us” won him praise.</p>
<p>But he wasn’t quite sober when he stood on stage to deliver his victory speech, according to “Variety.”</p>
<p>Because he didn’t believe he would win the SAG Award after Kieran Culkin’s triumph in the same category for his efforts in “Succession” at the Golden Globes and Emmy Awards earlier this year, the actor said that he felt he may get wasted.</p>
<p>Pascal informed the crowd, “There are a lot of reasons why this is wrong.”</p>
<p>“I’ve had a few drinks. I believed I could get inebriated. I know I’m embarrassing myself, but I really appreciate this! Since I’ve been a member of the union since 1999, this is an amazing f****** honor. I am now unable to recall the names of any of the candidates.</p>
<p>The actor, according to “Variety,” choked back tears as he thanked his family and abruptly ended his inebriated acceptance speech by declaring, “I’m going to have a panic attack and I’m going to leave.”</p>
<p>The other candidates for this year’s SAG Awards were Culkin, Brian Cox, Matthew Macfadyen, and Billy Crudup for male actor in a drama series. This season, Pascal has been making viral moments for award shows whether or not he wins.</p>
<p>During the 2023 Emmy Awards, he made a memorable joke while sporting an arm sling, saying that the reason for his recent shoulder ailment was because “Keiran Culkan beat the shit out of me.”</p>

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