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Renowned Investor Prashant Gupta Guides Aspiring Entrepreneurs at Manipal University’s Entrepreneurship Summit

New Delhi; February 2024: Mr. Prashant Gupta, CEO, and Founder of Caerus3 Advisors and Think Tank, a leading advisory firm for fund raising and mentoring of startups, recently showcased his commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship by participating as an investor in Manipal University’s Entrepreneurship Summit 2024. Among the six distinguished members of the Pitch Tank, Mr. Gupta engaged with students, listening to their innovative pitches for investment and providing invaluable guidance on approaching investors.

Reflecting on the event, Mr. Prashant Gupta highlighted the significance of fostering entrepreneurial spirit among today’s youth. “Caerus3 Advisors has achieved significant milestones for the country, and I am now dedicated to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs in India. I believe in guiding today’s youth to build their own companies, encouraging innovation and sustainable business practices. My association with the Manipal Institute of Technology started a little over three years ago when I met Pushpendra Singh, CEO of Golden Bird Education. As part of my role as a mentor and advisor to Golden Bird, I got introduced to the MIT Startup ecosystem,” said Mr. Gupta.

With a diverse portfolio spanning consultancy to philanthropy, Mr. Gupta has propelled Caerus3 Advisors to new heights and is recognized as one of the most promising mentors for startups in India. His active involvement in initiatives like Manipal University’s Entrepreneurship Summit underscores his commitment to shaping the future of business in the country.

“Entrepreneurship is crucial for the economic growth of our nation. By encouraging and supporting the creation of new businesses, we contribute to job creation, innovation, and overall prosperity. We must empower the youth to take risks, foster creativity, and build sustainable enterprises that can make a lasting impact,” he added.

The Manipal University’s Entrepreneurship Summit 2024, a five-day event, provided students with a platform to engage with industry leaders, learn from their experiences, and showcase their entrepreneurial ideas. The summit served as a testament to the collaborative efforts of industry leaders, educational institutions, and aspiring entrepreneurs working together to foster a culture of innovation and business excellence in India. 

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