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FM Nirmala Sitharaman: An Incredibly Secular Vote on Account Budget | Exclusive

<p>Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman discussed the interim budget as a “true vote on account budget” in an exclusive interview with CNN-News18 Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi one day after it was presented.</p>
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<p>“We approached it as a genuine vote on account, a provisional budget ahead of an election, and also a provisional budget that is being offered with the explicit knowledge that the various initiatives that have been started over the past ten years with the goal of empowering citizens are taking root and the recipients are already freely discussing them,” the spokesperson said.</p>
<p>Sitharaman went on, “Word of mouth has a very powerful effect. Therefore, when a recipient receives the benefit in full and without the involvement of intermediaries, they genuinely comprehend that the government’s stated goal is being carried out. As a result, I have great faith in word-of-mouth marketing, which has aided programs like PM Awas, PM Mudra, and Swanadhi Yogana. This have all helped modest families and individuals who want to start their own businesses but lack the resources to provide as collateral or assets. The people themselves acknowledge that this administration is really serving the ordinary people in letter and spirit as a result of the prime minister’s commitment to serving our nation. It isn’t as if you are stating something and displaying goal numbers; rather, you are showcasing accomplishment numbers. No, what the folks below are claiming is true; I have it. My neighbor is also in good health. That household’s neighbor is also, and so on.</p>
<p>“For this reason, I have said—and I mean it—that this is the embodiment of secularism. Here, we have not shown any distinction between members of this community and those of that community, between followers of this religion and those of that religion, or between relatives and non-relatives. Not a distinction. The initiative is implemented for all those who are deserving of it. And regardless of who they are, if they qualify, they get it. Consequently, the empowerment principle—the Sabka Saath, Sabka Vishwas, and Sabka Vikas—has been implemented in every manner. And that is the assurance that the people’s benefits are not only occurring now, when we made our promises, but are continuing to pour out in copious amounts to demonstrate that you have honored your word, the FM said.</p>
<p>Sitharaman presented the pre-election budget, outlining the accomplishments of the Modi administration over the previous ten years and providing an outline of the objectives for the future, which include turning India into a developed country by 2047.</p>
<p>During the interim budget presentation, Sitharaman said that the Modi administration addressed every facet of inclusion. The Indian people, she said, are looking forward to the future with alternatives and optimism. Employment possibilities, pro-people initiatives, and structural improvements gave the economy a boost.</p>
<p>In keeping with Indian custom, the interim budget for the fiscal year 2024–25 was approved before the general elections that are scheduled for April–May 2024.</p>

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