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Star Darshan’s Devil-The Hero Look Goes Viral

<p>Actor Darshan is directing Devil-The Hero, and filming has begun. According to reports, Darshan will play the movie’s antagonist. Actor Darshan’s new image from the film Devil-The Hero, which is gaining a lot of attention on social media, was just unveiled by the creators.</p>
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<p>During a picture session, a fan posed with Darshan and unveiled his new appearance. Darshan is much more polished and trimmer, and his new hairdo gives him a younger vibe. Known for playing around with his appearance, he often keeps people interested with his appearance. In addition to changing his physical appearance, he got a new haircut for the role he would play in his next production.</p>
<p>Known for his distaste with wigs, Darshan has begun to embrace them ever since the release of Katera. The actor has been experimenting with wigs for both on-screen and off-screen roles.</p>
<p>The much awaited first-look poster for Devil, Darshan’s 57th movie, which has the slogan “The Hero,” was released a while ago. On November 14, the director Prakash, who is well-known for his work in the 2007 movie Milana, formally unveiled the first-look poster on social media.</p>
<p>Fans were thrilled to see Darshan in a strong avatar in Devil-The Hero’s first look, which debuted during Deepavali. The first-look poster, which fans lovingly refer to as “D Boss,” perfectly captures the image of a hero seen through the prism of a devilish figure.</p>
<p>In addition to Prakash, B Ajaneesh Loknath, the director of Darshan’s 2017 film Tarak and the man behind Kantara (2022), is in charge of the soundtrack composition. The film is being financed by Vaishno Studios, and Santhosh Rao Pathaje is the cinematographer.</p>
<p>At the Dodda Mahaganapathi Temple in Bengaluru, the film team performed the muhurta ritual for the movie.</p>
<p>The movies for which Darshan is most well-known include Roberrt, Yajamana, Saarathi, and Kranthiveera Sangolli Rayanna. The actor appeared in Kaatera, a movie, final. Additionally, the actor is working on Gandugali Madakari Nayaka and Raja Veera Madakari Nayaka. Gandugali Madakari Nayaka, which is directed by SV Rajendra Singh Babu, has P Ravi Shankar, Doddanna, and Srinivasa Murthy in the key characters.</p>

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