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‘Jigra’ set photographs featuring Alia Bhatt surface online, causing fans to find spoilers

<p>Alia Bhatt returned to the set, resuming the shoot for her upcoming film, ‘Jigra.’ Fortunately for fans, a few leaked behind-the-scenes photos have surfaced online, creating a buzz and fueling speculation about potential plot details.</p>
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<p>The images, shared by Zoom, provide an intriguing sneak peek into the film’s production, offering subtle hints about the storyline. Fans swiftly analyzed the snapshots, attempting to piece together potential plot points and character dynamics.</p>
<p>The photos feature Alia in character, showcasing various looks, including one where she appears to be wearing a bulletproof vest. In the latest images, the star is seen in a blue shirt and trousers, riding a scooter on a set designed to replicate a Bangkok bylane. Observant fans noticed that the signposts on the set displayed a different script, linking it to Alia’s recent shoot in Thailand.</p>
<p>Alia commenced shooting for ‘Jigra’ in October, marking her first collaboration with filmmaker Vasan Bala. During a recent revelation, she shared that she and her husband, Ranbir Kapoor, coordinated their shooting schedules to ensure one of them is always with their daughter, Raha.</p>
<p>The actress disclosed in a report on PTI, “When I took up ‘Jigra’, Ranbir cleared his schedule out for the next couple of months so I could be at work with ease. There are a lot of night schedules, which actually worked out very well for me because I get the day with her. I end up sleeping only five hours. But I think that’s one of the things you give up as a parent, you sleep less.”</p>
<p>‘Jigra’ is Alia’s second home production after ‘Darlings’ in 2022, released on Netflix. Co-produced by Karan Johar, the film is set to hit theaters on September 27, 2024.</p>

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