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Confirmed Cast for Star-Studded New Fantasy Drama “Light Shop”: Park Bo-young, Ju Ji-hoon, and Others

<p>Ju Ji-hoon from “Kingdom” and Park Bo-young, who is well-known for her part in “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon,” are about to collaborate on a new project that is an adaptation of a webtoon by the person behind the famous program “Moving.” It is expected that the compelling storyline of renowned author Kang Full will combine with the magnetism of Park Bo-young in this next drama, resulting in a story that is full of mystery, romance, and otherworldly aspects.</p>
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<p>Disney+ said on January 19 that while these two would be the main characters in the program, a star-studded ensemble including Bae Sung-woo, Uhm Tae-goo, Seolhyun, Lee Jung-eun, Kim Min-ha, Park Hyuk-kwon, Kim Dae-myung, Shin Eun-soo, Kim Sun-Hwa, and Kim Ki-hae will also be present.</p>
<p>The drama in Korean is called “Light Shop.” It will narrate made-up tales of the living and the dead and how their worlds collide at an enigmatic lamp shop. The tales of people with tragic pasts who are mysteriously guided to the light shop—which is situated in a shadowy alley—will be explored in more detail. Their pasts, present, and future may all be discovered there. Not only that, but this shop has the ability to bring the dead back to life, albeit the life may not survive.</p>
<p>Ji-hoon will play the proprietor of the light business, Jung Won-young, in the drama, while Bo-young will play Kwon Young-ji, a nurse who has an inexplicable bond with her patients.</p>
<p>The fifth installment in Kang Full’s “flat psychological mystery” series is titled “Light Shop.” He is going to write the story for the next program himself, and Kim Hee-won, who starred in “Moving,” will be directing it.</p>
<p>Disney+ Hotstar will host the launch of the program. Although the release date has not yet been disclosed, it is expected to occur later this year.</p>

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