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Amour Affairs: Redefining the Art of Wedding Photography with a Eye for Simplicity

Nowadays there is a growing fascination with the stories of entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact. People are eager to learn every detail about these individuals and the kind of businesses they run. One such brand that has garnered attention is Amour Affairs, known for its client satisfaction, creativity, and breathtaking pictures and films.

Since 2011, understanding the emotional value of wedding photographs, Amour Affairs takes a customer-centric approach, always striving to achieve 100% client satisfaction. The brand expresses its gratitude to the clients who have embarked on this journey with them, entrusting them with capturing the most important moments of their lives through photography and supporting their growth. The unwavering support of these clients has been the backbone of Amour Affairs’ success. Over 13 years, Amour Affairs has been fortunate to serve a diverse clientele encompassing professionals from various fields such as doctors, dietitians, lawyers, chartered accountants, artists, graphic designers, art producers, entrepreneurs, architects, interior designers, builders, engineers, teachers, scientists, surgeons, producers, and many more. This wide spectrum of clients has challenged and inspired the brand to explore different ideas and approaches, while also granting them creative freedom behind the lens.

Photography, according to Amour Affairs, is a journey rather than a destination. The brand’s belief in the virtue of continuous learning has only grown stronger with each wedding they capture. They emphasize that learning should never cease, and it is this commitment to constant growth that has paved the way for their solid and versatile career. Over the years, they have developed a systematic and seamless process from the moment a client books their services until the final delivery, ensuring a smooth experience. With no conditions or inhibitions standing in their way, Amour Affairs is dedicated to producing high-quality work for their clients.

The trust and faith clients place in their wedding photographers instills a sense of responsibility in Amour Affairs to go above and beyond, leaving no stone unturned in making their special day truly unforgettable. While the floral décor, food, and attire may fade from memory, wedding pictures serve as timeless windows into those beautiful memories. Amour Affairs aspires to create photographs that not only capture the visual elements but also the emotions and essence of the union between two people in love.

Looking ahead, Amour Affairs envisions a future where innovation and technology continue to shape the wedding photography market. With the advent of social media, clients are exposed to the latest trends and have higher expectations from their photographers. In this fast-paced world, staying ahead of the curve is crucial, and Amour Affairs is committed to continuously learning and exploring new possibilities in the field of photography. Their goal is to deliver the best services to clients, maintaining international standards and expanding their horizons globally. Amour Affairs is founded by  Taher Husain k, an intuitive photographer with a natural eye for simplicity and the ability to capture character in every photograph. Taher believes in portraying true emotions, personality, and intensity through his captures, rather than fabricating images. His multidimensional education includes a Diploma in filmmaking and animation, an Art Teacher Diploma, an International Diploma in Advanced Photography, and additional training in Digital Photography. Taher’s perfectionism, curiosity, and artistic instinct have been instrumental in building Amour Affairs from the ground up.

From its inception, Taher had a clear vision of positioning the brand in a niche market, and he has worked tirelessly to achieve that goal. With a deep passion for his craft, Taher has brought together a team at Amour Affairs that shares his dedication to excellence. Their combined efforts have resulted in breathtakingly beautiful yet natural photographs that capture the essence of every couple’s love story. Amour Affairs has established itself as a prominent name in the wedding photography industry in Pune and has shot a lot of NRI weddings happening in and around  Pune, driven by a commitment to client satisfaction, creativity, and continuous learning. With a future-oriented mindset and a focus on innovation, the brand aims to exceed expectations, expand its global reach, and provide clients with stunning memories that will last a lifetime.

Taher’s life embodies the principle: “the more you give, the happier you live,” a philosophy that resonates through his artistic endeavors and the timeless moments he immortalizes.

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