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NBA: Tyrese Haliburton escapes serious injury; no return date is specified by the Indiana Pacers

<p>After being carried off the court by teammates on Monday night, Indianapolis Pacers point guard Tyrese Haliburton still has a chance to start the 2024 NBA All-Star Game on his home court.</p>
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<p>According to an MRI, Haliburton, 23, has a Grade 1 strain in his left hamstring, which was verified. The team physicians will reevaluate him in two weeks, according to an ESPN story on Tuesday.</p>
<p>The only information offered by the Pacers was that an MRI indicated a hamstring strain; they did not, however, specify when he would return or how serious his ailment was.</p>
<p>Haliburton was driving downhill from left of the hoop with 3:10 remaining in the second quarter of Indiana’s game against the Boston Celtics when he arrived to the painted lane area, which was around six feet from the basket. His right shoe never found traction as he tried to plant it to pivot and anchor for a quick turnaround to shake defender Derrick White, and Haliburton skidded into the splits like he was on a pair of ice skates.</p>
<p>Before being taken to the locker room, he groaned in discomfort and made an effort not to sit on his left leg. By the time he left the game after 13 minutes, he had seven points and six assists.</p>
<p>The injury concern was described as a “very deflating moment” by head coach Rick Carlisle.</p>
<p>According to the initial vote results for the All-Star Game last week, Haliburton is leading the NBA with 12.5 assists per game in 2023–24 and averaging 23.6 points per game. Haliburton, who made his All-Star Game debut in 2023, is leading the Eastern Conference guards in the voting for the 2024 match, which is set for February 18 in Indianapolis at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.</p>

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