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Big Shifts In Indian Businesses’ Hiring Practices By 2024: From AI To Gen Zs, Recognize Top Priorities

<p>Indian firms are preparing for significant changes in recruiting in 2024, according to insights recently published by Indeed, a worldwide platform for hiring and matching. Adopting AI and satisfying Gen Z workers’ expectations are the main priorities.</p>
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<p>It is expected that AI will be widely accepted in the workplace next year, as shown by the 59% of workers who are very confident in their capacity to adapt and use AI solutions.</p>
<p>In the meantime, only 19% of companies who responded to the study said they had either used or are in the process of deploying next-generation technologies like generative artificial intelligence (AI) at work in the next year.</p>
<p>According to 42% of respondents, adhering to ethical AI principles would be a crucial component of organizations’ strategies to successfully use AI.</p>
<p>Employers also think that reskilling/upskilling the workforce to satisfy the skill demand (25%) and enhancing human-AI cooperation (37%) would be important initiatives to put into practice.</p>
<p>Employers sought candidates with expertise in cybersecurity (37%) and data science and analytics (29%), while workers prioritized skills like programming languages (22%) and generative AI abilities (27%).</p>
<p>“As the year draws to a close, it’s evident from Indeed’s report that the demand for tech and knowledge workers remains robust,” said Sashi Kumar, head of sales at Indeed India. The predominance of positions such as designers, project managers, sales engineers, software engineers, and data analysts demonstrates the wide range of specializations that businesses are looking for.</p>
<p>The essential abilities that have attracted a lot of notice this year are what stick out. It’s evident that flexibility and upskilling are still essential for success in the IT sector, as seen by the growth in generative AI skills, the continued significance of programming languages, and the expanding need for cybersecurity knowledge, Kumar said.</p>
<p>Employers want to develop Gen Z-focused workplace strategies</p>
<p>Aligning Gen Z aspirations with workplace tactics will be a critical factor for organizations in 2024. Most Gen Z workers want flexible work schedules (38%), purpose-driven work (23%) and tech-driven work environments (18%) at their places of employment.</p>
<p>Employers are fulfilling these expectations since, according to those polled, providing flexible work schedules (26%), a technology-driven workplace (24%) and chances for professional growth (20%) will be top priorities for them in order to attract and retain Gen Z talent. Employers now seem to need to pay particular attention to purpose-driven employment, nevertheless.</p>
<p>Next year, diversity and inclusion will also be a major focus as companies have indicated that they want to implement policies that promote diversity and inclusion, with 47% of employers projecting a significant increase in the adoption of these policies.</p>
<p>Employers want to adopt three primary strategies: anti-discrimination reporting (17%), diverse leadership representation (20%), and open communication channels (80%). Taking these actions demonstrates a commitment to fostering inclusive environments.</p>

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