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Indian model Aastha Aggarwal will be seen in the UN charity event in New York City

Aastha Aggrawal is a renowned name in the fashion industry who has been modelling in New York City recently for a few years now. The recent news of her performing in the UN Charity event in New York added the feather in her achievements where she will be walking to promote cultural exchanges at the United Nations and artistic performances of dance customs among Chinese, Americans, and other ethnic groups. It’ll be an amazing fashion show featuring Chinese silk dresses, traditional Chinese dance customs, fancy evening gowns, and New York fashion models will be hosted by the United Nations Commutech group.

“I feel extremely positive and happy for the opportunity to be a part of the UN charity show because I have always wanted to do something like this,” Aastha says. I am very thrilled for the performance because I know I will learn and grow a lot from it. I’m grateful to the United Nations Commutech Group for allowing me to be a part of something like this because I’ve always had a passion for performing arts.”

She has participated in a variety of events and has walked the runway for designers such as Lone Star Collection, Mike Sylla Couture, Shekhar Rahate, and Adrian Aliciea in NYFW Fashion Sizzle SS 23, HiTech Moda 22 FW. She conducted a few test photos over the course of one to two years before making her debut at NYFW presentations with Sustainable Fashion Week in 2020. She had been modelling and volunteering at The Isha Foundation in New York City, where she delivered food to senior citizens and did internships in finance, media, and politics.

tShe is one talented artist who did her education from Jamnabai Narsee School, she then moved to New York to study business and then she was noticed by a photographer and since then she started taking interest in modelling. Her hobbies are doing some yoga everyday with some belly dancing.

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